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Becoming My Sister's Slave

(Giantess, shrinking, violence and watersports are included in this story, if you don't like, don't read)

Hi guys , Angie here, I'm writing in name of my sister, you'll see why soon enough♥

Hey guys, it's Lilly. So I've been off the radar a bit, I guess it's time to tell you why. I'm not sure how long it's been and I don't remember everything, but I wanted to document this little happening. Enjoy the read.

I woke up, just like every other morning, of course. My hair was a mess, my pillow wet (I drool in my sleep) And my bedsheets half way across the room. So I'm a messy sleeper, sue me. Anyhoo, I head downstairs to greet my sister, Angie. Angie isn't exactly human, she's a demoness, and a sexy one too, I can't tell you how many times I've caught myself admiring her. Just like every other morning I gave her a kiss and a hug. "Good morning sis, sleep well?" I'd ask her, she flashed me a smile before returning the question. "Eh you know me" We laughed, I ruffled her hair, she scratched my ears. Oh right, yeah I'm not exactly human either. I'm part cat, I only have the ears and the tail, personally I like them.

I guess that before I go on I ought to give you a description of me and my sister.
I myself am 5ft4, I weight about 112 pounds. I have black hair, flowing half way down my back and I have blue eyes, the rest really isn't that important.

My sister, well she's gorgeous. She's also 5ft4, when barefoot, and weight roughly 115 pounds. She has shoulder length red hair, pierced pointy ears, adorable red wings with a matching pointed demon tail. She has quite the curvy figure and loves to flaunt it too. She wears sleeveless tops that barely covers her juice breasts, giving me an eyeful whenever I look her way. And she wears short shorts and skirts, showing off her legs, covered with sexy stockings. Of course she also wears those high heel boots, which only adds to her allure.

To cut it short, my sister is sexy, and she knows it all too well. She even flaunts her body when it's just us two. I don't know if it's her demoness nature or that she knew that I had (and still have) a secret crush on her, but it's not I'd complain, she's gorgeous.

Back to what happened though. Angie scratched my ears, and of course I melted, leaning against her, purring away. "I love you sis" I said, or something along those lines, my mind is always fuzzy when my ears are scratched like that. She mumbled something. I didn't quite catch it. "Speak up sis" I said, poking her nose. She laughed and shook her head. I shrugged and headed to the fridge, getting breakfast ready as usual. When I turned around, my sister was grinning at me. Of course that didn't bother me, she was always mischievous and I was used to it. I walked over to her and slapped her on the ass for the fun of it, well mainly cause it made her jump. I liked making her jump, for... reasons. I think Angie was noticing my attraction to her though. Lately I saw her bouncing on her toes more, 'dropping' things and picking them up, waving her tail to taunt me. I didn't mind. Today though, she just wouldn't stop grinning. I now know why, but I didn't then.

We sat and ate breakfast and cleaned the dishes. "I'm going to take a shower, sis" Angie announced suddenly. I thought it was odd though, she normally showered before breakfast. I thought she was up to something, so I followed her upstairs, saying I was going to brush my teeth. It's not like we never saw each other naked, so she didn't have a problem with it. I stood at the sink, watching the in the mirror as my sister undressed behind me. I can remember blushing bright red, and she could see it! She was looking right at me through the mirror. There was no way for me to hide my red cheeks, the mirror put me at a severe disadvantage. "Hey sis, let's take a shower, you and me" Angie said said with a wink.

My heart skipped a beat, I didn't know if I could keep my hands off her, being so close to her when we're both naked. I wanted to decline. "Yes!" I mentally facepalmed, I sounded so excited too! My sister giggled. "Well strip then, or do you want to shower with your clothes on?" Of course I stripped as fast as I can, god I was such a pervert and a slut, so pathetic. Angie had already stepped into the shower. Of course I was hesitant, but Angie grabbed my arm and pulled me under the shower. It was quite a small shower, so our bodies were touching all over. Her breasts felt so good against mine. "Let me soap you up sis" She offered me.

Before I had a chance to react she was already rubbing showergel over my body. I had to stop myself from moaning, and she could see it. "Slut" This time I heard it, she didn't just mutter it this time. "Excuse me?" I looked at her puzzled. "You're such a pervert and a slut" She said. To this day I can't tell if she sounded serious or playful, but she meant it, I knew that much. I wanted to apologize, but then I felt her pointed tail stab me in my left asscheek. "Ow! What was that for?!" I was about to say, but only the word 'ow' came out of my mouth. I was getting dizzy, everything was spinning and I blacked out.

Slowly, I was coming to. The light was blinding, so I must have been out of it long enough for my eyes to adjust to the darkness of unconsciousness. Just as my vision started to clear, something hit me on the head. "Ow fuck!" I cried out, it really hurt and my head was spinning again. Then something hit me on my legs, then my arms. It felt like boulders crashing into me. "You're so pathetic, slut" I heard a loud booming voice say. I groaned and stood up, my vision clearing now. My voice caught in my throat, all I could do was squeek.

There she was, my beautiful, sexy sister, towering over me like a skyscraper! Her toes were as big as I am. I screamed when a stray drop of water dripped from her hair and splashed next to me, now I knew what hurt me so much. "What-" "I shrunk you slut." Angie suddenly interrupted me. "I saw you, staring at my body, I heard you at night, moaning my name, you dirty bitch" She sounded so disgusted, but truth be told, hearing her insult me like this, it didn't bother me, I liked it... "What are you waiting for?!" I had zoned out, I didn't hear her properly. I looked up, frightened, confused. "Kiss my toes you stupid slut!" I looked at her toe just as it flicked me. I screamed as my body flew through the air, hitting the plastic shower door. "Don't keep me waiting!" And limped over to her toe big toe and started to kiss it. I didn't know what I was doing, instinct just took over. I don't know if it was selfpreservation or...something else... but I was soon kissing her toes, and I was loving it.

Her toes were stronger than I was, I felt so insignificant, yet I felt amazing. I didn't even realize how long I was kissing her toes until she suddenly stepped out of the shower, knocking me over. "Hurry up slut, you better be on my desk before I'm dried up" I looked up in confusion, I had no clue what she was on about. "Sis you need to help me" That was a mistake. I sounded so demanding. She kicked me, and I flew into the bathroom door. My body felt broken all over "Get to my desk you worthless piece of trash!" I crawled my way to her room, but there was no way I was going to get onto her desk, not now that she had beaten me up like this.
As I got closer to my sister's desk, I started to gain control of my legs again, my body was still hurting all over but I was okay. I started to climb the leg of her desk, trying desperately to get there on time for my sister. Unfortunately, it seemed my sister knew exactly how far I'd be after that much time. Before she was through the door she was shouting. "You worthless piece of trash! Now I;m going to have to waste energy getting you there you stupid fucking bitch!" She grabbed me carelessly, crushing my rubs against the leg I was climbing before throwing me onto the desk. I was mangled and in pain. "GET UP!" I trembled and forced myself onto my feet, despite my injuries, which I could feel were slowly healing again. Even when I was standing on her desk, my sister looked massive. She was just so huge and beautiful. "....dirty slut!" She yelled at me. I hadn't noticed but just staring at her made me wet. She noticed though, and she seemed angry. I should start learning to listen to her.

"I'm sorry sis, you're so beautiful, it'd hard for me to focus" I yelped as she suddenly spit on me. I struggled but it was rather heavy, pinning me down on the desk.  "You like my  breasts huh? How about you look at them up close then!" She grabbed one of her lovely breasts and before I realized what was happening she slammed her tit into my body. Her breast was so soft though, it didn't hurt as much as I thought it would. My lack of screams probably alerted Angie to this fact and she quickly stood back up, glaring down at me. "I know... hehe" She started rummaging though her drawers, pulling out a lighter. I had no idea what she was going to do. She put me on a piece of A4 paper, which was quite a large patch of white to me. I stood up but was immediately shouted "Down bitch!" Obediently I lay on my back. She used sellotape to strap my legs and arms down, leaving me in star formation. Then, she flicked open the lighter, and brought the flame towards a corner of the paper. My face went pale as it lit, then she lit another corner, and another and then the last. I tried to squirm as the fire was creeping towards me. My sister, my evil demonic sister just watched, laughing. "Burn little bug, burn" I could feel my left foot getting warm, then my right, my hands were next. I started to scream as the paper beneath my feet was now burning, the flame started to envelope my foot, and slowly crawl up my leg. I screamed and cried in agony as my body was torched alive, my skin turning red and blistering before slowly going black. I screamed as my hair too caught fire, burning my scalp. My sister just watched me burn. She watch me burn alive. I was in so much agony, I couldn't make a sound.

Thankfully, the fire ran out of paper and I was able to douse the flames by rolling. I screamed and my skin stuck to the desk surface. Tears streamed down my face, and my sister laughed. "Disobedience has a price slut" It was right then and there where I snapped. Ignoring my skin sticking to everything I touched, biting through the agonizing pain, I got on my knees and bowed down. "I'm sorry mistress. I will never disobey you again as long as I live" That's how my freedom died, but I don't mind, mistress is good to me when I obey.

She decided to show me my place by cooling my burns, she picked me up and dropped me into the toilet bowl. The toilet water felt so good against my skin. Then I was suddenly hit by a great force! I coughed and spluttered as strange liquid attacked my face. Shielding myself and looking up, I saw my sister urinating on me. "Thank you mistress" I said, grateful that she would use her urine to sooth my pain. "You're so fucking pathetic" She laughed. She stood up and looked down at me, then at the toilet handle. I knew that she was seriously considering flushing me away, I wanted to beg her not to but nothing came out of my mouth. I watched as she put her hand on the handle, a grin on her face "This is what you are sister, a worthless piece of shit. I should flush you away right now" She grabbed the toilet brush and pinned me down with it before flushing the toilet, probably so I wouldn't be covered in piss. She didn't do it for my sake, that's for sure. After the toilet had flushed she lifted the toilet brush and picked me up, dropping me in the sink. She filled it to my neck with cold water and threw the bar of soap onto me. "Come to me when don't stink, slut"

So I washed myself and returned to my mistress. My body had once again miraculously recovered, no doubt my sister's doing. I was exhausted, the pain took it's toll on me and by the time I reach my mistress's desk I just flopped over against her big toe. Without even being told to do so I started kissing her big toe, I felt pleasure when I did so. I had found my purpose in life, to serve my sister as her slave for all eternity.

That's all I'm letting this slut write, she's got to go back to worshiping me now, count yourself lucky I let her spend so many hours of MY time writing her pathetic story, cya.

We got knocked out :c

Journal Entry: Sun May 1, 2016, 7:37 AM


Journal Entry: Sun May 1, 2016, 2:21 AM


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